The Komodo dragon or the Komodo monitor (Varanus Komodensis) is a giant monitor lizard found in Komodo island, a small semi-arid island lacated between the island of Sumbawa and Flores. The prehistoric animal can also be found in several other islands including Rinca island, gilimotang island, nusa kode, and padar in the Indonsian achipelago.

The Komodo Dragon, which is called ”Ora’ by the local people, is considered the largest lizard and the last of their kind remaining in the word today. It can grow up to 3 to 4 meters in lenght and run at the speed of up to 18 to 20 kilometers per hour, and they can climbing the trees and also they can dive very well. The komodo dragon like canibal they eat each other the big one eat small one or their parents eat their baby.

The komodo dragon use their forked tongue to sample the air for scents. Their eyesight is good for distinguishing movement and collor as far away as 300 meters (980) except in low light. Despite their visible earholes, they are only able to hear sounds between 400hz up to 2000hz. The giant monitor lizards, whose ancestors roamed the earth half a million years ago, are characterized by their short legs with large talons, a stout body and very long tails that can be used as weapon to crush an opponet.

Preferring hot and dry places, the Komodo Dragons typically live in dry open grassland, savanna, and tropical forest at low elevations. They are solitary animals and usually come together only to mate and feed on carrion. They sleep in caves or in gullies and among tree roots at night, and come out to feed in the morning. Female Komodo Dragons can lay from 20 up to 30 eggs in a hole in the ground.

Komodo Dragons diet consists of a variety of animals species. Young Komodo Dragons normally feed on insects and small lizards. However, they begin to eat mice and other small mammals as they grow older. Adult Komodo Dragons prey on bigger animals such as pigs, goats, deer, young buffaloes, and horses. Although the Komodo Dragons are considered harmless, it is advisable to keep a safe distance from them.

Watching Komodo Dragons


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        The dragons are truly amazing. Thanks for posting. I look forward to more😊

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